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Genclone made this spawn in a day, by himself, what a badass. <--- I am Genclone approve of this statement.

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Avalon Gardens is located in what is known as the Nexus, little is known about the Nexus except that is a mysterious realm which seems to have no defined position within space. The Nexus was initially discovered by a Vultair Expedition party that stumbled upon it when activating an Alder Crystal Shard in the sacred Oasis of Skyllia (Deity of the Church of the Golden Oak). The Vultair saw this new and unknown land as sacred ground and claimed it in the name of the Church. It wasn’t long before news of their discovered reached the Vultair High priest who proclaimed that the Church would construct a temple there to honor their great deity. The Temple was centered around a single Silver Birch Tree which seemed to emit an ominous and mystical energy that filled the Nexus. Nearing the end of the Age of the Forest Sun a team of curious Kittsesh and Vultair Scholars uncovered a way to harness the power of Alder Crystal Shards to travel between the Nexus and the Pack home world of Fora. This discovery ushered in an age of prosperity for all the pack as long and perilous journeys could now be drastically cut short. The Nexus became a hub of all travel for the Pack and it became a symbol of a new and prosperous future. Sadly nearly the end of the Dusk age the Warp tower began to act abnormally, creatures of unknown dissent came from a land not that of Pack or even Fora. These Demons came from a world unknown and sought nothing less than the complete and utter destruction of the Pack. The Darzec Empire wagged war with the pack and all would have been lost if the Vultair High priest had not gave his life to forever de-active the warp tower shattering the bond between it and Fora. Avalon Gardens would remain abandoned for another century until its re-discovery by Spiran Knights seeking treasures to return to their lords. The temple now slowly falls into decay as the mysterious energies of the Silver birch now create a force known as the Overgrowth which slowly moves to bring down the Temple forever. Strangely enough the Warp Tower remains unaffected by the powers of the Overgrowth and still stands strong against the test of time. And truly only time will only what powers the Spirans have unleashed upon themselves by re-activating the Warp Tower and bonding the Nexus to the world of Andromeda.

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